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As you guys may know I write a Blog. No, I'm serious I really do!

I know, I know, thank you! *Bows*


 Okay thanks for reading.


























Hahaha, okay stop joking!


And as you may know, I haven't revealed my name, because well.... why should I?

Anyways,... No I'm not about to do so if you thought so, but if I start a YouTubeChannel I'll probably use my real name, you know, aaaaaand yeah I don't know if that would be quiet the best Idea. For me it would feel really weird to call myself by a wrong name, well I mean with voice if I do it here it doesn't really bother me. But when you think of it in an other perspective it would take my privacy somehow if I would use my real name. Well anyhow, I also don't know what my first video should be about. I mean I could just introduce myself but that would rather be awkward. Oh and should I just talk englisch in the first one?

Oh I'm so confused.



Right someone called Melanie was so nice to koment under my ast blog! She said she woulld watch my videos and I really am thankfull for this comment. Actually I'm really thankfull for all those comments! So thank you, Melanie, very very much!



I have Instagram too, but I don't know if I should reveal that. I mean you wouldn't know my name but you would know what I look like and well... Iwant you to imagine what I look like because I would probably look better that I actually look.


Right that will be my question to you:

What do you think I look like?

Please comment that below.


Anyways, I hope you have a great day. I'll read more fanfictions now so bye!


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